About DonnCherie


DonnCherie, originally from the rain-soaked

streets of Seattle, is now a fixture in Burlington, VT. A

passionate Singer/Songwriter, Model, Dancer, Storyteller and costume enthusiast. 

Her music is as eclectic as her many interests, with powerful lyrics and rhythmic melodys. Though she has a unique vocal style, it has a familiar and warm feel, she is influenced by Rock, Country, Reggae and Soul! But the Blues is her first love and Ohhhh! How she does manage to sneak some element of it into the songs she writes. While there have been several  incarnations of it over the years the music remains core for her. 

She founded her most recent music project TwIIn Speak, the late summer in 2018. Showcasing her lyrics with some simple warm guitar and intimate style. 

 As has dance persona 'DARE', her style is erratic , wild, sensual,  fierce and terrifying and never fails to delight , an audience!  DonnCherie has found that being DARE allows her to explore these aspects of otherworldly-wild energies with abandon!

Along with her fellow dancers, she co founded the dance troupe Leanan Sidhe Dance - Jennifer Usher, Kate Williams, Julie Marshall  whom she met in Shakti Tribal Improv class that focused on tribal improve style belly dance. 
As DARE,  she went on to form and found the dance troupe Dark Pride, with friends and fellow dancers, Ruthless Retribution, and Sanaa Zoraida. Dark pride was formed with more of a storytelling vibe from the myths, legends and gods, of "our culture"  

Mostly fond of horror themes and mystic creatures, she is startling to behold as she embodies character after character. With costumes to match the mood. DonnCherie is also a painter, and has modeled for many artists,  clothing designers and costumers.  


The jouRney is still going, 



Girl! You don't just DO art, you ARE art! ”

— One of my besties <3

"Goddess of Winter"   Photoshoot for Joey Phoenix Photography

"Goddess of Winter" Photoshoot for Joey Phoenix Photography